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Mamoru Hosoda

Mamoru Hosoda


Mamoru Hosoda (細田 守 Hosoda Mamoru, born September 19, 1967) is a Japanese film director and animator. He started out working for Toei Animation, before moving to MADHOUSE in 2005. He worked for MADHOUSE until 2011, when he decided to leave in order to establish Studio Chizu along with co-founder Yuichiro Saito.

Known For: Directing

Birthday: 1967-09-19

Place of Birth: Nakaniikawa District, Toyama, Japan

Also Known As: 호소다 마모루, Katsuwo Hashimoto, Katsuyo Hashimoto, Chiaki Shirai, Мамору Хосода, 細田 守, 细田 守