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Angel the Kickboxer (1993)

It's a Godfrey Ho movie, and a rather confusing one in terms of its existence. I'm guessing he really wanted to get the most out of the footage he shot with Cynthia Rothrock, so what we got is a largely gutted (much of Honor and Glory is gone) and tweaked version of footage from Honor and Glory spliced into another movie. The whole thing ends up being a confused mess. The big difference plot-wise is that there really isn't any issue with the missile in this movie. It's some money thing that weakly connects the two movies. The big difference character-wise is that the reporter and the lackey who comes around to see his boss is corrupt are all but removed from the story. Their stories having made up the bulk of Honor and Glory. We also get more time with Robin Shou. He's seems to be in both movies. I'm not sure how that all worked out.

Released: Jan 13, 1993

Runtime: 1:47:31 minutes


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